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Modern Move Agency prioritize accessibility.

We understand that achieving full accessibility and usability across every aspect of the website may be challenging, especially for users relying on assistive technologies. That's why we regularly conduct accessibility reviews and address any issues identified in these audits. Rest assured, our commitment to improving accessibility remains ongoing.

If you have any feedback or questions or need assistance with specific features related to the accessibility of our site, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at To help us identify and address any inaccessible areas, kindly specify the web page or element and relevant details.

In cases where a page cannot be made accessible, we will endeavor to provide a text version of the content. To request a specific electronic format, please email us at, including your contact information, required format, web page address, and content location.

We value your inquiries regarding this accessibility statement and appreciate your suggestions for enhancing the accessibility of our website.

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